We are a very small Hyderabad charity that works with and raises funds for other charities and voluntary organisations. Clockwise from Tom Holloway on the left you can see Ramola, Vennela and Sandhya.

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We sponsor or arrange sponsorship into school for about 50 children, mostly girls, from low-caste families. We also provide computer equipment and support to IDPL School and also St. Joseph's Model School, both in deprived areas of Hyderabad.

We have part-financed, produced and written the scripts for fund-raising movies for three local charities and a community school. These can be seen on YOUTUBE by using the following links:--

MS Foundation Community School
Sivananda Rehabilitation Leprosy Home
Kalleda Rural School
Institute for Rural Health Studies

Designed for beginners, and available in English and Telugu, these are short videos made by screen-grabbing and adding a commentary to Powerpoint slideshows. A simple but effective process.

Too many to list, the most important that we have set up and still maintain are the MS Foundation School and U3A India websites, the Gandhian website Sarvodaya International and also Hyderabad Against Corruption.

These also are too many to list. Once they are set up it is our policy to encourage local users to take over maintenance for themselves. A very good example is the U3A Climate Study wiki/website.

Email projects
We arrange sponsorship through the Internet for students of the MS Foundation School, set up in a poor community some miles outside of Hyderabad. We also provide - once again via the Internet - a programme of mentoring using specialist English teachers in England, Australia and South Africa. Through our fund-raising activities we have now created a Computer laboratory with four modern computer systems for the school.

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