Afiya Begum

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I am doing B.Sc second year in nutrition from St.Anns Degree College. i have always been very interested in biology. Initially i aimed to become a doctor but couldn't clear the entrance exam so i had to leave it. but that was not the end of dreams!

Then i had advice with family and friends saying i should go with nutrition and i thought that was my call and I decided to go with that. I am really happy doing it as it is all about health and if one wants to do something then the body is the only medium. I am also very interested in helping those who need help. I like to go to the grassroot of the problems. i love to be a helper and a leader.









This is my college st.anns degree college at mehndipatnam. It is a big campus with all the good facilities. The staff of st.anns is just the best. I love my college. It doesn't only gives good education but also make us aware of the society around us. It helps in being helpful to the society.

I have met Tom through a group called "Its our school" and i was so glad that he gave me a chance to work with him. I am very fortunate and grateful to be his assistant.



St Ann's Degree College for Women -
Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad