Tommy, Mary and Tom in 1941.



O dear -- I've never been much good at smiling in photographs.......

We lived at 27 Lewis Trust Buildings from about 1936 until the 1960s. There's a couple of pictures of me and my sister Jean taken just outside our flat windows.

I can remember that all our coal was delivered by horse-drawn carts, and can definitely remember getting an almighty great clip round the ear from a coalman one time for daring to dodge under the horses' bellies.

Occasionally during the war I bought 'spanish wood' (twigs from a liquorish plant) and 'camel beans' (dried pods of carob - tasted sweet but smelled of shit) from Mrs Haines in Vanston Place. She was small and round and had a tiny shop with a farm half-door and bulls-eye windows. Probably one of the original cottages in that area.