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  Road No. 6
  Banjara Hills
  Hyderabad 500 034

I am Radha - I live at Valley View with my mother. Everyday, after school I used to go to Tom Holloway's, who is a retired IBM Consultant Systems Engineer, house to learn about not only computers but everything else. It wasn't just a house we all made it a beautiful, fun, caring, lovely home. He wasn't just my teacher but a best friend, grandpa, what not! Well now I miss him a lot. But he gave me enough confidense to make a remarkable change.

I hope when I am old enough, I would like to continue and carry on the works of Holloways.org. I would be more than happy if could make it a success.

From 8th of August 2016, I am a student of Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad.

After joining the academy, I have been exploring a lot of things. Academy has taught me a lot of un-told lessons which I wouldn't have learnt otherwise. It gave me wonderful friends who are with me through ups and downs.

I always like to try things in a different way and be unique. I like to invent new things and do the things in a different way. At school my favourite subject is maths, but I enjoy all my subjects.

I have always been inspired by Tom and his motivation to change this society. I strongly believe in equality and I believe education is the key. So I have made a blog and if you want, you can see it here...

These are all my amazing and wonderful friends. Those who always make me smile when I am sad and whem I'm smiling they make me laugh. All the fun we had, all the jokes we made, all the memories which are immortal, I hope all our paths cross one day, where there won't be any limits to our fly. (from the left - Leesha Agarwal, Lincia Mabo, Sanvi Gadhiya, Nanjiba Sayara Hea, Me, Aliza Hamirani, Eeshaan Dharani and the only person who's missing is Sabiha Pirani).



Few months ago, I worked at KARE School. It's a free school for poor children of all religions. But most of them were Muslims. I taught them about how to use Word, Power-Point slideshow, and Excel by giving them the freedom to play around and explore. They were very eager and were excited to learn all the skills from me. I really enjoyed working with them and we were all friend at the very begining of our class as they were more interactive. I enjoyed working there. You can see a Slide-show of our work down below.

My main goal is to become a big change to the world or be a part of it.



I have done my very own and special page.