Holloways Home
  Rock Castle Regency Residence
  Road No. 6
  Banjara Hills
  Hyderabad 500 034

I am Radha - I live at Valley View with my mother, and every day I go to Rock Castle Regency Residency, after school to do my homework and learn about computers with Tom Holloway, who is a retired IBM Consultant Systems Engineer.

I hope when I am older to be a technical assistant for Holloways.org, like Ramola and Sandhya and Ghouse.

I would like to be a Software Engineer because I like to work with computers. I like to invent new things and do the things in a different way. At school my favourite subject is maths, but I enjoy all my subjects.

I have a blog and if you want you can see it here...

From 8th of August 2016, I am a student of Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad.


Beside me, is one of my friends Tejasri. Like me, she comes to Tomdada every day to learn about computers. In future, we will maintain websites. And I am very happy to maintain and set up websites and be famous all over world.

My main goal is to become a big change to the world.

Recently I worked at KARE School. It's a free school for poor children of all religions. But most of them were Muslims. I taught them about computers. They were very excited to learn all those things. They were so friendly with us. I enjoyed working there. You can see a Slide-show of our work below.





This page is done by me, Radha.