I am Tejasri - I live at Banjara Hills, Gandhi Pura Basti. I am Studying in Brilliant Institute Of Engineering{ECE}. Everyday I go to Valley View to learn more about computers with Tom Holloway, who is a retired IBM Consultant Systems Engineer, and he helped me to make this web page.

I hope when I am older to be a technical assistant for Holloways.org, like Ramola and Sandhya and Ghouse.

I am very happy to learn more about websites and more about computers. I want be a Software Engineer.And I did this Website on my own with out any one's help. I think in future I think i may learn more about Websites and do more websites like this. I want to work in IBM, Wipro or in Google companies.

Now I am getting good marks in my College and I am looking forward to my career.


  Holloways Home
  Rock Castle
Regency Residence
  Road No. 6
  Banjara Hills
  Hyderabad 500 034

On the right side of the picture it's me. Beside me is Tom Holloway and beside Tom Holloway one of my best friends called Radha.

I am working as a teacher in Kare school, which is a free school for a very poor community. I teach computer's and keyboard literacy to 6 class to 10 class. You can see a slide-show of our work at KARE School below.


Teja sri.