Below are some favourite pictures of some of my family (listed on the left) and you can find a very brief auto-biography if you click here.

I used to describe myself as a 'community webmonger' when I lived in Royal Leamington Spa -- I was community representative on various Boards and Committees. I also set up and taught computing to a group of oldies at our local Salvation Army - (we set up and maintain community websites) I also run a reminiscence website called Timewitnesses and others Commitments England and Commitments India WorldU3A and U3A Global Forum.

From 1999 to 2017 I lived in Hyderabad, India (where I made films and set up websites for charities) from September to April and in Oxford from May to August. I've added my 'nieces' to the list on the left (not nieces of course, but daughters of a family that I have grown very close to) and we run a scheme to get dalit children from impoverished families into school instead of being used as cheap labour.



Here's the whole family, gathered at a Youth Hostel in October 2005. Being such a big picture it merits a page of its own; please click here or on the thumbnail version on the left to see it. There's also a family picture taken at Buckland House in Devon at my mother's hundredth birthday.



This is me with my mother, Mary Holloway. I think it was taken in about 1940. Mary died in 2013, just a few days short of her 105th birthday. There's another picture of us, with my father Tommy - just here.

I was evacuated - but only briefly - to Exeter, but it was the period called "the phony war" and Tommy and Mary brought me back to London just before the blitz started. I didn't mind the Exeter experience too much, but I was thrilled to be back in London to see what was happening. Shelters being built, all the men carrying steel helmets, lots of women in uniform, ack-ack guns in the public parks, barrage balloons in the night sky, and all the excitement of the air raids.



My sister Jean was born at the end of the war - thirteen years after me. She trained as a Barrister and is now Clerk to the Justices at a Magistrates Court.

Like me, she was brought up in Lewis Trust Buildings in Fulham, and the two pictures you will find if you click here were taken there.



Annie - a lovely picture of a lovely person, taken in 1968 when our fourth child (Megan) was nearly due. We first met when she was looking for someone to help staff a mobile camp for Forest School Camps. I was very involved in CND and Labour Party things at that time, and her background was much the same.

We married the following August (our son Jake was already on the way) and I borrowed Jake Waters' Rolls-Royce for the occasion. The honeymoon was spent at a Civic Trust work camp at Lands End, removing gun emplacements and barbed wire. I got to use a pneumatic drill and Annie devised a super way to deal with the barbed wire.



Here are the three boys - Jake at the top, Jan in profile, and Toby. It was taken at least a year before we all moved to live in Ethiopia, so I guess Jake was 7, Jan 6, and Toby 5. Megan was about to arrive so this was probably taken within a few weeks of Annie's picture.

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A Canonbury Primary School photograph of Megan taken in 1972? We were back from Ethiopia and Uganda and I had my new job as a Word Processing Systems Analyst.

Here's a super picture of her with Toby in Uganda, and another of her waiting for her turn for a parachute jump, just a few days after her 16th birthday.


Felix was born in Stoke Newington in July 1987. Like Bea, he was flexitime-schooled until he reached eleven and moved to a secondary school.

Experienced traveller and a keen cyclist - also good company.



I moved to Leamington Spa in February 1989 and Beatrix (Bea) was born there the following week. As you can see on this next page, she's managed to pack quite a bit into her life since then.



Max (eldest grandson) already has his own website.


  Ellen (15 months) and Callum (5) - children of Megan and Jim - and you'll find some more here.
  Jamie, son of Jake and Martina - age three - and there's a bigger version here.
  My 'honorary nieces' from Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Clockwise from me, Ramola, Vennela, Sandhya.


7th February, 2005